In our internet-centered age, your Consumer Website is more crucial than ever to drive brand preference and provide an entry point to purchase your products.

The #1 purpose of your consumer website is to increase sales.

Your digital strategy starts with a dynamic shopping experience for consumers to learn about your brand, browse your products and choices, share and save their favorites, and easily find a dealer to purchase from!
Your website should do this via 3 easy steps:


Engage with the Consumer


Let Them Shop like They Want To


Send Purchase-Ready Byers and Their Choices to Your Dealers
The Clarity Cloud website hosting platform helps you accomplish these 3 steps through these industry-proven features and techniques:

Reaching Today’s Shoppers

If building brand preference among consumers isn’t part of your digital marketing strategy yet, it likely will be soon.

It is essential to meet the consumer where he or she is as most consumers begin their furniture shopping online from the comfort of their homes.

This website revolutionized Vanguard Furniture’s online presence by connecting them with today’s mobile-device shoppers, better engaging them with their world-wide network of dealers, and providing sales-producing tools for their Sales Reps.

See a Clarity Consumer Website in action

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