What is CPQ software?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is software that determines prices of their products while providing a large and unique range of customizations and options. As products lists are added to, it is difficult for brands to keep up-to-date pricing on all available options. Along with out-of-date price lists, creating quotes takes time. By having a CPQ platform, all product prices are up-to-date in real-time, creating accurate quotes.

Clarity’s CPQV

Clarity takes CPQ a step further. With our software-generated images, brands can configure, price, quote, and now visualize (CPQV). Your consumers will be able to shop the way they want to, your dealers will have the information they need, your manufacturers will produce accurate products, and your brand will see an increase in brand loyalty and online sales.

Is your company ready to update their ordering system to a CPQ platform?

For companies that juggle thousands to millions of product options and sku numbers, they struggle to find a system that configures, prices, and quotes, their complex and customizable products. Many of these companies are still using paper systems that have extraneous variables such as out-of-date pricing sheets and invalid sku numbers. CPQ software organizes the brand’s data in a real-time platform to decrease the errors made in the CPQ process.

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