Clarity knows furniture. Our Market Showroom Automation is perfect for your High Point and Vegas showrooms.

“Our customers are seeing order acknowledgements even before Market is over, something we’re very proud of and couldn’t even dream of with the other tools we tried for selling at Market”

– Senior Executive


“Papers all over the table, and reps wracking their tired brains to remember what various dealers said.”

– A Major Furniture Brands Sales Manager

This disarray can result in costly setbacks such as difficulty following up with Dealers and customers after walkthroughs when Market should be a paramount time to inspire interest in your products, build Dealer loyalty to your brand, and set production schedules in pre-ordering in motion.

Clarity’s Market Showroom Automation tackles these challenges and give you the key data insights you need during and after Market.

This innovative and intuitive web-based system to:

Most Market showrooms for furniture brands have a walkthrough – a well-planned layout of rooms and settings designed to show off and sell to customers. Traditionally, Reps track a customer’s walkthrough by jotting down wishes and purchasing commitments on paper to later create orders.

​ Clarity’s solution is an intuitive, easy to use web page that the Reps can pull up on their tablets as they walk through the showroom with a customer. They can view all the pieces in the showroom, arranged as they are displayed on the floor.

Track all the relevant data from each type of interaction with the customer:

Just click "Add As Shown".

Just click "Add with Changes", and then type a quick note about the changes the Dealer wants.

The Rep can type in a Dealer’s comments on a piece. The software also allows furniture brands to create preset comments that the Rep can use if desired.

If a Dealer expresses interest in a piece, the Rep simply clicks to add it to the Wish List for that Dealer, an automatic reminder for the Rep in follow-up appointments.

Change your Market Experience

Placing a Market

Your Reps can place Market Orders for their customers right from this tool. Because this integration between walkthrough and order placement is so fast and efficient, it is now possible to send out order acknowledgements before the end of Market.

Real-Time Data Analysis

With the critical information gathered from the walkthrough and Market Orders, production planning and pre-ordering can begin even during Market.

Dealer Follow-Up

Using the information gathered during the walkthrough, your Reps will be equipped for effective follow-up meetings to continue the conversation started at the showroom to drive sales.
Market Showroom Automation arms you with the data and resources you need to have an insightful and successful Market.

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