Omnichannel Marketing & Sales for Complex Products

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If your company is considering investing in an omnichannel marketing and sales strategy for complex or custom products, it’s important to choose the right tools. Omnichannel marketing differs from multi-channel marketing in one significant way: The focus is on a seamless purchase experience rather than the distribution of the marketing message through multi-channels of marketing. 

By focusing on creating a strong online shopping experience that is just as seamless as the face-to-face experience, a B2B eCommerce or B2B2C sales cycle can continue without relying on a brick-and-mortar store or in-person sales meetings. 

Starting with CPQ Software

Many companies are finding success with CPQ software (configure, price, quote) as the first step in the omnichannel marketing process. By offering a seamless experience with getting a quote, your brand is giving prospective buyers a universal shopping experience, on any device. 

Your Omnichannel Toolbox

You won’t need to invest in everything at once; you can roll out a few tools at a time to gather data and plan for the next roll-out.  Here’s a list of omnichannel marketing and sales tools for you to consider in the early stages:

Pricing Configurator

Do you offer products with custom options that require prospects to submit a request for a quote, a demo, or a consultation with a sales rep? What if you could eliminate all of this back-and-forth and invite prospects to configure exactly what they need, get a price on specific, custom features, and get a quote online with an option to make a purchase?

pricing configurator


You can do all of that and more with a pricing configurator tool. This tool will give website visitors real-time pricing and quotes based on valid price lists,  SKU’s, or product codes.  

3D Product Visualization

3D product visualization and rendering will give website visitors a full 3D experience of the products that you offer, giving you an advantage over competitors who use regular photography. Combining 3D product visualization with customization options eliminates the need for an in-person sales meeting; everything can be provided in a virtual environment. 

Dealer Portal

What if your sales team had access to direct communication with prospects that associated them with specific products, industries, or stages in the sales cycle? With a dealer portal, your customer service team can manage claims, order look-up and status checks, and follow-up on post-sales activities. A professional, custom dealer portal gives you the power of an office for sales and customer service. 

Consumer Website

You may have a website for your brand, but do you have a website designed specifically for your customers and online sales? In the omni-channel environment, it’s important to enable your prospects and customers to interact with your brand on every device. If your current website is a brand story and brand ad, consider investing in a consumer website with a personalized shopping experience. 

Getting Started

There’s too much at stake to delay getting started on your omnichannel marketing strategy. If you’re not sure where to begin, our team can help you sort through the options and make recommendations based on your business model. 

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