Case Studies

Hear from real Clarity customers about how Clarity improved their online presence and sales.
As a To-The-Trade furniture company, International Design Source (IDS), takes pride in their fast quoting, accuracy, and excellent customer service. IDS desired to implement an online pricing configurator that upheld this reputation while helping to reduce operational costs and putting the creative control in the hands of their customers. IDS found that Clarity met these needs with real-time quoting for their customers and decreased cost by reducing errors in orders. In a push to evolve with the changing buyer and buyer behaviors, IDS partnered with Clarity to bring a modern, real-time, online pricing configurator for their customers to create and order the furniture pieces they desired.

Autec, a leader in car wash systems manufacturing, was looking for a new, modern, online pricing configurator that would meet their needs in a way their previous configurator hadn’t. This online configurator needed to be relevant and responsive for the ‘modern’ consumer, available on multiple devices, with efficiency of use for both the Auetc customers and the Autec administrators. Clarity stood out among their competitors in more ways than one, thus improving Autec’s productivity. For Autec, Clarity is more than an online configurator, it is a relational-oriented business with important focus on the customer and keen attention to detail. Autec was happy with the acceptance their customers gave the Clarity online pricing configurator.

Vanguard recognized the inaccuracies in the manual order process and were convinced they needed an online solution that would eliminate lag time and incorrect orders. Clarity helped them create a platform, a database, that is more efficient than their previous variety of programs that did not “talk to one another.” Clarity’s real-time online pricing configurator eliminated the human error of the manual order process and increased the cash-flow for the company- making the whole process, from order to delivery, more accurate and efficient.

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