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product rendering software

Customer Satisfaction and the Digital Experience 

Product rendering software can bridge the gap between customer expectations and your company’s delivery of a digital experience. Forrester’s latest report, Winning the B2B Buyer, shares that B2B buyers are not looking for ease of use more than persuasion:

Winning the new B2B buyer Forrester

Do you think customers shy away from buying complex products online? Ten years ago, the answer was a definite YES. In today’s eCommerce economy, custom product buyers and B2B buyers are becoming more and more comfortable with clicking a “Buy Now” or “Get a Quote” button. Thanks to advancements in product rendering software, product visualization tools, and CPQ options, more companies can participate in eCommerce than ever before. 

In 2019, Forrester predicted that B2B eCommerce would reach 1.8 trillion by 2023. 2020 research shows the coronavirus will permanently accelerate the pace of B2B eCommerce, and companies that don’t embrace digital sales will get left behind. 

More than ever, consumers are relying on the Internet to compare pricing and complete entire purchases without ever stepping foot in an actual store. Since the onset of COVID-19, what was once a mere option has become a necessity. For both the individual and B2B consumer, e-commerce is the new norm.

If your company wants to fast-track the digital buying process, launching a configuration tool with product rendering software will encourage website visits from existing customers and attract new ones. With product visualization and/or configuration, your website offers a real-time visual representation of the item with options for customization, online quotes, and an easy path to purchase. 

Product Rendering & Customization

complex product configuration
Product Rendering Online

An experienced product visualization expert will utilize your images and artist renderings, current pricing sheets, and customization options to give your website visitors freedom to everything they need to make a buying decision. CPQ software further ensures accuracy for pricing and shipping, enabling your company to expand into new regions and locations.

Interactive Content

Investing in product rendering tools will not only improve the online sales process, but it will also give your marketing team access to valuable interactive content to use and promote. Static, regular images are becoming outdated, and the use of 3D images combined with visualization tools will give your brand a boost. 

Repeat Business Opportunities

With product configurators and rendering tools, customers can save the products they build online for future orders. With advanced features, you can offer customers a private online showroom that’s only available to registered users. Combine these tools with CRM and sales teams, and your company will have a powerful data tool to drive future product ideas and options.

Industry Specific

Do you think that product configuration will be too difficult for your products? The product configuration and rendering market already serves manufacturers and distributors of complex and customizable products. All of these companies are driving sales with product rendering and configuration tools:

B2B Product Rendering

With over 20 years’ experience in software development and management, we’ve helped small, medium, and large B2B businesses build portals to increase sales and profits. Get in touch with us to learn more about the features and options that are available to you.

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